Velvet Bingo Review

There are a couple basic version of bingo that are played in various parts of the world. I am briefly going to detail these games, including how these games are played online.

There are two main types of bingo games that I am going to describe: 90 ball bingo and 75 ball bingo. 90 ball bingo is the traditional bingo game of England, while 75 ball bingo was created in America. If you are new in the bingo world, we suggest you to try Velvet Bingo site.

Aside from the number of balls that can be drawn, there are some significant differences between the two games.

90 ball bingo

90 ball ticket How to Play BingoYou begin by purchasing bingo tickets for the game. These tickets will have 3 Lines with 9 spaces in each line. Every Line will include 5 numbers and 4 spaces. The numbers in each column will be within a 10 number range; 1 through 10, 11 through 20 and so on.

Each column will contain either 2 numbers and 1 blank space or 1 number and 2 blank spaces. That means no column can be empty or full of numbers. Since there are 15 numbers total, this means is that a ticket will have 6 columns where there are two numbers and 3 columns with only one number.

90 ball patterns How to Play BingoYour ticket will only have a maximum of 2 out of 10 numbers available in each column. That means it is not unlikely that it will take 30 calls or more before you complete your first Line of 5 numbers. A Line is the first prize that can be won in 90 ball bingo. It is awarded to the first person that covers any of the 3 Lines on a bingo ticket.

The second prize is Two Lines. This is awarded to the first player that covers any 2 of the 3 Lines on a bingo ticket. In a smaller setting without a tremendous number of tickets being played, you can expect the average winner of 2 Lines to be between 45 and 60 numbers called.

The final prizes (and largest of the three) is called House. This is short for Full House or covering all 15 numbers on a bingo ticket. It is awarded to the person that has completely blotted a ticket first. It is considered really quick anytime that House is called before 50 numbers are drawn. Many of the progressive jackpots must be won by calling house in 40 or even 30 calls or less. The average for a normal game will be between 50 and 70 calls depending on the number of players competing.

75 ball bingo

75 ball card How to Play BingoThe 75 ball bingo game begins in much the same fashion. You will need to purchase bingo cards before the game is started. These bingo cards will be a 5◊5 square shaped grid. There are spaces for 24 numbers and the middle space in the grid is a Free Space which is automatically covered.

In American bingo halls, each of the 5 columns on the card will include a different letter of BINGO. Each letter has a corresponding 15 number range. The letter is called out with the number, like B-6, I-17, N-33, G-49 or O-64 for example. In UK bingo halls that offer this game, these letters are often left out; but the rules are the same. Each column can only contain numbers that are in that range.

So for 4 of the 5 columns, you will receive 5 numbers out of 15 possibilities. The N column will only have 4 out of 15 numbers because of the Free Space. Basic math would tell you that there is about a 1 in 3 chance of a drawn number being somewhere on a bingo card.

75 ball patterns How to Play BingoThere is usually only one prize won in a 75 ball bingo. This can be as simple as any single line (up/down, left/right, diagonal) or more complex patterns. These patterns can be one of hundreds of different combinations: Square, Figure 8, any Letter of the alphabet, Plus sign and so on. There is also black out bingo (also called coverall) where the winner is the first player to cover an entire bingo card.

For a single line game, you can expect anywhere between 20 and 40 balls to be drawn depending on the number of cards in play. The pattern games vary greatly because of the number of spaces to cover. The black out bingo games will usually need between 45 and 65 calls before a bingo is awarded.